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Current research

Together with Michael Macy, Eleonora Patacchini, and David Grusky, I study whether disadvantaged youth benefit from interacting with children from different socioeconomic backgrounds and whether such benefits depend on the overall network structure. This project has received a two-year NSF award.

Together with Kelly Musick, I examine how the changing impact of parenthood on earnings has reshaped earnings inequality in the last three decades. As part of this project, I am developing the R package “ineqx“, which allows linking aggregate-level changes in inequality more directly to changes at the individual level.

A second line of my research focuses on how complex dependencies among observations, such as spatial, multilevel, and network embeddedness, can be modeled within the regression framework:

Together with Weihua An and Roberson Beauville, I have written an Annual Review of Sociology article on “Causal Social Network Analysis“. An extension of this review in which I examine network effect models in greater detail can be found here.

I have developed the generalized multiple membership multilevel model, which is implemented in the R package “rmm“, to account for dependencies arising from the crisscrossing relationship between political parties and coalition governments in political science research on coalition government outcomes.

My PhD dissertation is titled “Micro-level determinants of macro-level outcomes. The micro-macro link with empirical methods.” and can be downloaded here.

Together with the OECD International Programme for Action on Climate (IPAC), I have developed an R Shiny application to monitor countries’ climate actions and policies. This app, which was presented at COP27, can be accessed here. More information can be found here.

See all projects for more information on each project. A list of publications can be found here.