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Rmm package

The rmm package provides an interface to fit Bayesian multiple membership multilevel models with endogenized weights using JAGS from within R for a variety of outcomes (linear, logit, conditional logit, Cox, Weibull).

Earnings inequality

In this project, I develop a method to estimate the impact of parenthood on earnings inequality as measured with the squared coefficient of variation. 

Cross-SES friendship

I propose to build a relational model of attainment that disentangles (i) informational, cultural, and social capital effects of peers, (ii) pre- and post-graduation effects, (iii) ecological effects of network duration, size, density, homophily, and segregation, and (iv) direct, indirect, and contextual peer effects.

Survey attitude scale

Using longitudinal negative binomial regression and survival analysis, I evaluate the explanatory and the predictive power of the survey attitude scale in presence of an extensive list of covariates.

Government survival

I analyze the impact of intra-party unity on government survival. I propose a new method to account for the complex multilevel structure of coalition government data resulting from parties being nested within often multiple governments and both parties and governments being nested within countries


 I examine disparities in the ability to self-evaluate academic performance by social origin