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  • I will present my project “Socioeconomic segregation in friendship networks: Prevalence and determinants of same- and cross-SES friendships in US high schools.” at PAA 2023 in New Orleans, Louisiana (April 2023), at Sunbelt 2023 in Portland, Oregon (June 2023), at ISA in Melbourne, Australia (June 2023), and at NetSci 2023 in Vienna, Austria (July 2023).



  • Presented my project “Separating selection from influence. Methods to identify peer effects in comparison.” at Networks 2021 (July 2021).
  • Participated in the 2021 Sante Fe Workshop in Computational Social Science (June 2021).
  • My project on cross-SES friendship has been awarded a $240,000 NSF grant (May 2021).
  • Presented my project with Kelly Musick “The Changing Impact of Parenthood on Earnings Inequality From 1989–2019” at PAA 2021 (May 2021).
  • I reviewed a paper for Sociological Methods and Research (Feb 2021)


  • Attended the virtual ASA annual meeting (August 2020), presenting my paper “Cross-SES friendship and socioeconomic attainment in the US“.
  • My paper “A multilevel model for coalition governments: Uncovering dependencies within and across governments due to parties” has won the Robert B. McGinnis graduate student paper award, recognizing an outstanding contribution using sophisticated sociological methods (June 2020)


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